Who Is Watching Who?

What you may not know is that flying 22,300 miles above Earth are the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) satellites.

They are the backbone of the military communication network. Even the president of the United States relies on them for secure communications. They use super high frequencies for secure, jam-proof voice, and data communications among defense officials, battlefield commanders, ground troops, aircraft, ships, the White House, and the State Department. They also carry space operations communications and early warning data.

The Hubble Space Telescope peers into deep space. The NRO Defense Satellite Communications Systems satellites look at earth. They also deploy digital imaging reconnaissance for our armed forces. resolution pictures in visible light and infrared. These satellites can tell whether you have a Chrysler 300 or Bentley sitting in your driveway.

NRO Defense Satellite Communications Systems satellites are real and could be watching you.

So...do good and keep looking up.

Surprise? They certainly were…

The world’s intelligence and defense organizations were surprised when the news broke that the United States National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) would donate two orbiting telescopes to NASA's for its proposed high-priority mission that would hunt for alien planets and mysterious dark energy.

What shock them was the fact that the donated NRO scopes were more powerful than NASA's iconic Hubble Space Telescope.

Genesis was not surprised. NSA and NRO would be surprised that Genesis had hitched a ride on the orbiting telescopes and had been studying dark energy way beyond the ‘Ort Cloud’ for a number of years...

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