The World Is Broken...New Pangaea

The last supercontinent, Pangaea, formed around 310 million years ago, and started breaking up around 180 million years ago. It has been suggested that the next supercontinent will form in 200-250 million years, so we are currently about halfway through the scattered phase of the current supercontinent cycle.

“Since the recent ‘Battle at The Puerto Rico Trench,’ the Mid-Atlantic Ocean ridge has slowed down and started closing. The two small arcs of subduction in the Atlantic Deep Ocean has spread all along the east coasts of the Americas that will lead to a reforming of Pangea. The Americas, Europe and Africa are brought back together into a supercontinent called ‘New Pangea.’ There will be a new ocean called ‘The Super Pacific Ocean...’ The 6th Extinction is underway and will happen in a very short period of time. They broke the earth. We are the ones that will make things right."

~~ The Supreme Commander ~~

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