The Space is Getting Crowded

Students are not the only ones returning to college this fall. The ‘Counter Extremism Project’ recently reported that College campuses across the United States are increasingly becoming targets for seeking to recruit young, impressionable minds and legitimize their movements.

This recruiting is not a one-sided affair. On one hand Prominent white nationalist groups such as Patriot Front and American Identify Movement (AIM) routinely target colleges and universities for spreading propaganda, including the distribution of racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ fliers, stickers, banners, and posters.

On the other hand, Universities have also emerged as a key source of recruitment and influence for the Muslim Brotherhood. Considered to be one of the world’s most powerful Islamist organizations, the Brotherhood was established in Egypt in 1928 with the goal of implementing sharia (Islamic law) under a global caliphate. Unlike ISIS and al-Qaeda, the Brotherhood has officially disavowed violence. Rather, it purports to achieve this societal transformation by taking advantage of existing democratic institutions.

Conclusion: These developments may cause us to seek alternatives to recruiting. We are monitoring this situation and will keep High Command posted.

Recruiting Brief – Genesis’s Western Hemisphere Recruiting Report

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