Reading Can Reduce Holiday Stress

Updated: Jan 11

Reduce Holiday Stress

Great news as you shop and travel during the holidays. Reading can help reduce stress. Passionate readers will tell you so.

In fact, several years ago; Galaxy Chocolate (UK) commissioned research on reading in order to launch a campaign to give away one million books over a six months period.

The research was carried out on a group of volunteers by consultancy Mindlab International at the University of Sussex in Falmer, Sussex, England.

Here’s what they found:

  • Reading is the best way to relax and even six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds, according to new research.

  • Reading can reduce stress levels by 68 percent.

  • Reading works better and faster than other methods to calm frazzled nerves such as listening to music, going for a walk or settling down with a cup of tea.

  • Reading eases the tensions in muscles and the heart

Psychologists believe this is because the human mind must concentrate on reading and the distraction of being taken into a literary world eases the tensions in muscles and the heart.

The best part about reading as stress relief is that there is no stress in choosing what to read or when. Read as you take a bus or train to the mall to do holiday shopping. Stuck in traffic as you head out to shop? Take a book to read while your spouse or shopping buddy drive. Choose something that you truly enjoy. If it is a military, crime or suspense novel and that makes you happy and calm…that will work too.

Whether you are stuck on the highway in holiday gridlock traffic; or in mind-blowing delays on the train or at the airport., reading can help reduce the stress.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS and stay safe!


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