Laser Cannons...

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

The Supreme Commander sipped on her first cup of Sudanese coffee for today as she awaits her breakfast of toast with fruit jam, scrambled eggs, fresh tomatoes, and cucumbers. She always enjoyed this first read of each day, the Akhbar Rooz newspaper from her hometown Chabahar, Iran. Because she is away in Cherrapunji, she read it online on her tablet.

Suddenly, she saw the welcomed face of High Commander Mustafa on her tablet’s conference icon.

“My Lord, I am at your command,”

The Supreme Commander nervously smiled.

“Good to see you High Commander.”

“I saw you called me earlier.”

“Yes, High Commander. It seems the Americans are busy with their new toy…laser cannons.”

“Indeed, Supreme Commander. Our field commanders were there…on the United States Navy aircraft carrier during the live test firing of the laser cannon. They launched a self-guided F35 jet and the laser gun’s intense energy destroyed the F35 with fire and heat that is thousands of degrees in temperature.


“Our operatives reported this weapon operates at the speed of light. This is about 50,000 times faster than an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile, or ICBM.”

“High Commander…I got to tell you. This makes me very nervous.”

“We should be my lord. This weapon does not worry about wind or range. The American’s can catch a demon moving at the speed of light and destroy it with the directed energy of this photon laser.”

As the attendant poured the Supreme Commander her second cup of Sudanese coffee, she confessed, “I am very concerned that we are outgunned and this will have chilling effects on our Ops on the oceans of the world.”

“Well, not exactly Supreme Commander. Let just say that Genesis Defense Service will deliver us a Laser Cannon that is far more exact than most systems under development…including the American’ LAWS system and the British Dragonfire system.”

“So, when would I be brief on this, High Commander?”

“Total Deniability my lord…Total Deniability.”


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