Islamic Radicalism of American Youth

American youth are actively engaged in extremist activities including online communication with known extremists, traveling to conflict zones, conducting recruitment activities, or supporting plotting against U.S. targets.

An 18-year-old burst into a Florida smoke shop with a pistol and took customers and an employee hostage, he told them that he was upset about America bombing Muslim countries. After Tampa police officers talked him into releasing his hostages and got him in handcuffs, he made references to ‘Allah Mohammad.’ He told the officers, “This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.” He then yelled that he had already killed his friends. A short time later, the police stormed his apartment and found where two men, both shot multiple times in the head and upper body.

A 19-year-old Mississippi woman — cheerleader, homecoming court member, daughter of a police officer — who converted to Islam and attempted to travel to the Islamic State stronghold of Syria with her new husband.

Three Colorado teen girls who made it to Germany in their pilgrimage to Syria only to be stopped by authorities.

A 16-year-old South Carolina youth who allegedly planned to join ISIS and kill American soldiers.

14 people in San Bernardino were killed in an office building by a radicalized U.S. citizen and his wife.

An idea of a global Islamic state…all powerful and just. It is a magnet that attracts the youth of the earth with its appeal to right all wrongs and injustices. A very dangerous idea.

The alarming realities is that these recruits were not psychopaths. They were simply young people in social transitional stages in their lives. Most of those who have been radicalized are young, and their behavior is often a kind of rebellion against their parents and relatives…a revolt against conventional society. Alarmingly. a very small period exists between a youth embracing extremist beliefs and acting on them.

In the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) train their agents to be keenly sensitive to the gnawing feeling most converts have. The desire to ascribe meaning to one’s life and being part of something much larger than oneself. Jeff and Kyle…fit this profile.

The FBI also noted that although violent extremists are predominantly male, there are marked increases in the number of females embracing violent radical ideologies due in part to their roles becoming more defined. Extremist organizations such as Genesis actively seek females to fill operational roles, including carrying out attacks in the Homeland or traveling to fight—in addition to historic supportive activities such as fundraising or traveling to marry foreign fighters.

Tess fits this profile…in a very menacing way.

Experience the mission…the adventure:

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