COVID-19...Failed Experiment?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Field Commander Mandisa was facilitating class on biological warfare to a class of new commanders. Her reputation as one the leading brain chemist for Genesis preceded her. Her classes are always at 100% attendance.

Field Commander Mandisa scanned the room, “Good afternoon Commanders”. You…over there. Stand up. Give us your name”

“Commander Sonja from Serbia ma’am.”

“Commander Sonja, why are we here today to discuss biological warfare ?'

“Efficiency ma’am. Biological weapons are efficient. A single gram of biological warfare agents such as botulinum toxin can kill millions of individuals. Another keen advantage is that it is a hell of a lot cheaper than a nuclear weapon.”

Among the loud laugher and hand-clapping, Field Commander Mandisa nodded. “Indeed! and as the screens around the room show, that when biological agents including bacteria and viruses are deployed …they can adversely affect human health in a variety of ways, ranging from serious medical conditions. to death.”

A hand goes up.

“Yes Commander”

"Was COVID-19 such a virus?"

“Good question Commander. So, let’s start there. As the story goes…ground zero for this pathogen was a seafood market in Wuhan China. COVID-19 has close genetic similarity to bat coronaviruses, suggesting it emerged from a bat-borne virus. Some experts said that it is no coincidence that Wuhan is where the Wuhan Institute of Virology is located. Some say that this rapid contagion was born in a lab there. In less than a year, COVID-19 burned though the world economies and according to WHO, there had been 30,369,778 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including over 1 million deaths.

A commander whispered to an colleague, "COVID -19 might as well been a declaration of war. World leaders shut down businesses and issued a total shut down of all businesses, schools, and public gathering places to contain this contagion. Despite temporary government subsidies, many businesses failed, and in some world economies, unemployment rates jumped from an average of 4.4 percent to 21%. In dollars, this was billions loss in productivity if not trillions."

Field Commander Mandisa laughed, "Commander, you realize we all heard you. But you are absolutely correct. To be sure…the large corporations in the essential business sectors (Those allowed to stay open) such as grocery stores, pharmacies the giant internet companies with delivery systems made huge profits as the world population hunkered down and stay home until it was safe to go out again. Governments poured billions into ‘Pharma’ for rapid research as the hunt for a vaccine continued."

Commander Joelle Kalu from the Democratic Republic of Congo loudly said, “Sounds like a war economy to me.”

Field Commander Mandisa walked over and smiled, “Yes commander, a war caused not by nuclear threat or economic starvation…but by a lethal, very virulent, very threatening pathogen that is transmissible enough that it encompassed the entire planet."

Commander Ethan asked, “Do you think they will find a vaccine?”

Field Commander Mandisa face went blank as she asked “Is that the question we should be asking?

Total quietness prevailed…

Commander Sonja from Serbia confidently said, “What if COVID-19 was a failed experiment?”

Field Commander Mandisa slowly clapped her hands, “Bravo! Commander Bravo!”

“The information displayed on the screens around the room reflects the Case Fatality Rate for COVID 19. The CFR measures how lethal the virus is…how likely are you to die. In America, the state of Arizona reported a fatality rate of 2.1% among people who contracted Covid-19. On the other hand, New York City reported saw fatality rates as high as 10%. Italy and Germany reported a fatality rate as high as 12% to 14%.”

The Field Commander pointed to Commander Sonja, The question was asked, “What if this was a failed experiment?”

Dead silence...

“Let me take this one step further… what if the architects of this pathogen intended for the CFR to approach 40% to thin the herd?”

Loud audible chatter permeates the room a s commanders discussed this perspective among themselves.

Field Commander Mandisa purposely quiet while this new perspective overcomes the group.

Suddenly she sees a commander’s raised hand.

“Yes Commander”

He stood, “Commander Evan ma’am”

"Commander, is my eyes playing tricks? You spoke earlier from the other side of the room.

Commander Ethan stood up, “Your eyes are not playing games ma’am. We are identical twins. But he is the smarter one.”

A quiet laugher abounded as Commander Evan spoke, “Thinning the hear is not as far fetched as it may seem. Look at our deer populations. The primary deer predators are typically coyotes, bobcats, and black bears. To be sure there are other predators such as foxes, feral pigs, and alligators. Without these natural predators, deer populations get overcrowded, disease sicken then, and they die. Sick deer can threaten human populations. My brother and I are deer hunters. When we hunt, we cover all exposed parts to keep deer from smelling us. We also do it to prevent deer ticks from biting us.”

Commander Ethan nodded in approval and complimented his brother, “See, I told you he was the smart one and a hell of a hunter. On a serious note ma’am, Thinning the herd keeps the deer population healthy. Some states will pay hunters to do exactly this. It brings balance to things.”

Field Commander Mandisa walked the front of the classroom, then stood quietly for a moment, “So class…what the Commanders are suggesting is that humans don’t have natural predators. They are suggesting we are apex predators. They are suggesting that because of overpopulation and sickness, viruses is a natural process of thinning the human herd.”

Field Commander Mandisa noticed great interest in the room. She thought. my, this is an especially talent intense group.

The Field Commander raised two questions, “While you are on coffee break I want you to think about two questions. The first question is what if this natural process was accelerated by man-made viruses? The second question is simply this, would this be perceived as a declaration of war by nations that do not accept this natural ‘accelerated’ process.

Let's take a break. We will discuss the potential outcomes when we return.


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