Continental Drift-Quick Look-31-34

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 4

Part 4 takes a quick look at Chapters 31 thru 34

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 31 - Battle in the Midnight Zone

This chapter finds us in the midst of battle preparation. We are in the CDC on the special bridge and the Submarine Captains on the converted subcarrier are definitely in command. The USS Alaska sits 3,000 feet deep on the west side and the USS North Dakota sits 3,500 feet on the east side of the Puerto Rico Trench. Equipped with 'Red Mercury' enhanced nuclear warheads. Sounds to me that they will kill anything they don't recognize or understand? Eagles shielding the Subs...locked in freefall and battling the Devil Rays. Can the Submarines make this strategy work before they reach zero barriers at 13,124?

Chapter 32 -The Reckoning at Achilles Arc

This chapter opens with the High Council in various secured locations watching the latest images transmitted by the Devil Rays. The Submarines USS Alaska and USS Dakota nukes hardened by red Mercury destroyed the Devil Rays. If the Anegada Trough is the gate of Hell. Why is Genesis SeaHive there as the host and welcoming committee?

Chapter 33 - Guardians of the Deep

This chapter opens with both warships (USS Cooper Barksdale aka ‘Blue Whale’ and Genesis SeaHive) ascending to the 'Midnight Zone.' The continent slope is within range. The 'Blue Whale' is preparing to fire on the SeaHive). You might ask. “How does an aircraft carrier descend into deep ocean by design?” Well now….another reason to read the novel. Something is screwing up the Genesis SeaHive 's nukes guidance system. What Is that massive grey wall that is emitting those blocking signals? Bleeding nodes and swollen eyes are being reported shipside to the doctor on the Genesis SeaHive. What causing this? When the 'Blue Whale' bow broke must have been a magnificent experience for the global navy arriving and weapons hot...prepare to kill anything that did not yield to peace.

Chapter 34 - We Are Not Done Yet

The final chapter of this adventure finds us in Fairbanks Alaska. So why are we at the top of the world? Let me answer that. You are headed to Fort Greeley. Home to the Ballistic Missile Defense System. Somethings going on. Some kinda big. Indeed, life is a two-sided coin. We find ourselves a continent away. There is another high-level meeting going on. Do you want to take a guess who? Now we are back in the good old lower 48s in the United States. Deep in a storage facility in Bethlehem Pennsylvania...with a team of Genesis agents. What do you think the Supreme Commander meant when she said, "We are not done yet?” Well, you will not know until you join us on the adventure.

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