Continental Drift-Quick Look-21 -30

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 3

Part 3 takes a quick look at Chapters 21 thru 30

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 21 - We Own 33 Liberty Street

We open the Chapter with the 'Trio' having breakfast at Lila's place. From what we hear...the view of the Ship's gardens and parks is spectacular. We also see the Supreme Commander at her best as she and Mustafa map out they will garner the votes to take over 33 Liberty Street. Lila is a brilliant leader...a strategist. Now we know why Roble (Secretary Bird) was confined to Sector NGC-225. Dissatisfied with the G20’ day two board meeting, the High Commander gave a direct order to Captain Bashir to release the 'Ground Jay.' Now enter the video conferencing of course. They want answers. Will they get them? Why is the FBI involved?