Continental Drift-Quick Look-21 -30

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 3

Part 3 takes a quick look at Chapters 21 thru 30

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 21 - We Own 33 Liberty Street

We open the Chapter with the 'Trio' having breakfast at Lila's place. From what we hear...the view of the Ship's gardens and parks is spectacular. We also see the Supreme Commander at her best as she and Mustafa map out they will garner the votes to take over 33 Liberty Street. Lila is a brilliant leader...a strategist. Now we know why Roble (Secretary Bird) was confined to Sector NGC-225. Dissatisfied with the G20’ day two board meeting, the High Commander gave a direct order to Captain Bashir to release the 'Ground Jay.' Now enter the video conferencing of course. They want answers. Will they get them? Why is the FBI involved?

Chapter 22 - Where Is Jeff

This chapter finds us back in Savannah Georgia where Brigadier General Werner is stuck in traffic as he heads home. Is this the former Colonel Werner so hated by the Genesis organization? If your read the prequel ‘The Sixth Extinction’…you already know the answer to this. So why the urgent call from Captain Sara Parrish. I think that life just got complicated again. Meanwhile, the Provenance has dock Casablanca. Great idea Staff Captain Tommy had t give the crew a holiday. Jeff left for the town of Casa with a few of his staff...ahead of everyone else? When Captain Bashir and company walked into a restaurant and see Jeff is sitting there with four blue suits…he must have thought. “Does this guy have a death wish? Or did he simply ran into old acquaintances?

Chapter 23 - The Cover-Up

In this Chapter we open with Tess alone on a dark road...trying to make her way undetected back to the Provenance. She appeared overwhelmed by the deed. But the deed needed to be done. She found solace in this. Once back aboard the Provenance, they all meet in the Captain conference room So now we find ourselves with Commander Aslan headed to the Blackstar Drone Center on Deck 13. What he saw surprised him. We are as well. What about you? Aslan was connecting the dots. He warned everyone that the Americans were sending a warship. Genesis Intelligence called shortly thereafter and confirmed his fears and more. Is this a reason to assemble all 1,200 soldiers and possibly blow their cover?

Chapter 24 - The Third Hive

We open this Chapter about deep in the ocean near Puerto Rico. We are with Genesis Chief Geologist Navid and we are asking ourselves and each other, " Is this real?’ As we move along the ocean floor and approach the Mid Atlantic Ridge, it's like we are in another world. Later we find ourselves on an island boat build for tourists. It is winding its way through 4 hours of choppy waters to the largest of three islands located in the Mona Passage. Once unloaded, we began to explore and run into some pretty dreadful-looking creatures. When the ground shook...hard. then Harder...then oh my God! The Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands are moving at s rapid rate toward Africa. We thought…That can't be good? Your thoughts.

Chapter 25 - Operation Blue Whale

The chapter finds us in the Gold Room at the United States Pentagon. Special guests ( code for 'have your butt in the chair or we will come get you' ) include Army Brigadier General Werner and Navy Captain Parrish of the USS Cooper Barksdale. Standing ovation from the Joint Chiefs...imagine that. So...they admit that Genesis technology is superior to ours? We are doomed. What say you? Up to now, we have experienced decisions made at the command level. Now we are in the Pentagon...kinda awesome. All while the questions and revelations ate flying around the room Captain Parrish is silent. She is puzzled, "The cruise director...Jeff. Where is he in all of this? Would you be curious as well? We attended the Navy’s defense briefing on the ‘Blue Whale'...are you kidding me. Absolutely amazing. This is the new power platform for the United States Navy. Nothing can stop us now!

Chapter 26 - Lightning Bolt

It appears we have arrived at one of the most revealing and pivotal chapters. We are back on Deck 13 and standing in the eastern quadrant. One Thousand, two hundred Field Commanders and associates are assembled and preparing for war. There are three nations’ ships headed for the Provenance at breakneck speed. Their citizens were killed on this mighty ship and the nations they are from want clear answers. This could be a prelude to a nuclear event of epic proportions. The enemy is now at the gate. Helos are hovering over the Provenance. Captain Bashir's idea, "Find a passenger with a dark record." Will it work?

Chapter 27 - RATS

The chapter opens with Captain Parrish F/18 Super Hornet catching up with the Provenance steaming toward the United States. Back on the command deck, the Officer of the Deck briefed her. Then the Admiral requested her to report immediately to the Combat Direction Center (CDC). It seems General Werner had his own intelligence agency. If so. We thank God for small miracles huh? Remote Access Trojans (RAT) are real. They will help? Why does Captain Parrish want the Provenance medical team brought to her ship and locked in the brig immediately?

Chapter 28 - Compromised

This chapter opens with the Supreme Commander safely enjoying her day at the mosque in Casablanca. She has lodging there with a great view. It took over seven years and 10,000 craftsmen to construct the Hassan II Mosque. Although it is only the 7th largest mosque in the world, Hassan II claims the title of having the largest minaret in the world. There are several reasons the High Council sheltered her in place there.

Steaming toward the United States is the Provenance. At the same time…there are four F35s military jets headed toward the Provenance on a recon mission. The real question: Will they take the Provenance out if they need to. The FBI and the forensic team are in the midst of a tense meeting with Captain Bashir and deck officers when Tess and Isabella walked in uniforms that highlighted their girly figures. Why is it that men are always distracted by sex...even as the world is accelerating toward a new normal? Why lord...why? I would love to see the scene on the big screen where the medical crew is asked medical questions they can't or refused to answer. Then see them handcuff and hand-delivered to the brig on the USS Barksdale-Cooper for their day of reckoning. How about you?

Chapter 29 - The One Called Quasar

The Chapter opens with Captain Parrish on the flag bridge with Admiral Anderson on video conferencing with Brigadier General Werner. The F35s have been ordered back to the USA Barksdale-Cooper. New orders from Pentagon. "Head at top speed to the Puerto Rico Trench." Is this where World War III begins and ends? Earthquakes again. They are getting worse. Now a 10.2. Blackstars at work? Is this related to the Puerto Rico Trench? Quasar is in quite a pickle at this point. He will be known as the one called Quasar.

Chapter 30 – Today's Menu...Humans

Keystone Species is a species on which other species in an ecosystem largely depend, such that if it were removed the ecosystem would change drastically. ~~Humans

This chapter finds us at the Sea Watch level on the SeaHive. We are at the Bathypelagic Zone…the midnight zone at thirteen thousand feet below sea level. We are watching the fish and creatures that produce the only visible light that you can see. Suddenly light motion tells us we on the move….to the Puerto Rico Trench. From the Sea Watch level…we can see the twelve menacing-looking Devil Rays escorting in a ‘V’ formation. Their sleek black underbellies glowing distinct circles of purplish hue. As the Sea Hive continued its path towards the Puerto Rico Trench…we witnessed huge floating landmasses. We grimaced as we saw thousands of Tiger Sharks feeding on the thousands of bodies…men, women, and children of all ages as they floated back to the surface. Joining this gruesome feast were 12 foot long, 500 pound Bull Sharks…

It seems that today, America and its allies are on the menu.

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It all Began Here…the prequel: The Sixth Extinction

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