Continental Drift-Quick Look-11-20

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 2

Part 2 takes a quick look at Chapters 11 thru 20

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 11 – The Secret of the Calderas

The chapter begins on the USS Cooper Barksdale with Lieutenant Commander Hunt radioing the Admiral. He is urgently needed in the Eagle Drone Center. It appears they have found that will lead them on of Genesis Hives or operations installations within a shield volcano. We witness the incredible beauty of Calderas through the high Definition lens of the Eagle Drones. Then it turns ugly. We are witness to an aerial gunfight that most warfighters would say could not happen until the 22nd Century. The Eagle Drones open fire on the drone pilots called oversized ‘Flying Devil Rays’. What they had encountered were Genesis Black stars.

Chapter 12 – Tommy

Missions completed…Commander Aslan and Commander Tess arrived at the Savannah Hilton Head airport in time to have coffee together. From there they depart separate ways. Tess on holiday and Aslan on mission. This is a chapter that reminds us that with the birth of every child comes God's gift of forgiveness and the possibility to correct the sins and wickedness of mankind. Will Tess’ cousin Tommy emerged as such a child…stay tuned.

Chapter 13 - What Was That

This Chapter finds Aslan is on a mission a world away in the Mediterranean city of Izmir. The Chapter opens with Aslan on a secured call with High Commander Mustafa. Aslan is informed the command decision was made. Commander Jeff was chosen as the Cruise Director for the Provenance. Once his mission here is completed…he is to rendezvous with Commander Tess in Fort Lauderdale and delivers the news to Jeff. Tensions build as Jeff contemplates the offer. What happens if he refuses? We see 'Tommy' issues bubbling up. Jeff and Tommy in the same photos. What are the odds of that? We look on hopelessly as Miami experiences a 4.7 earthquake. This earthquake was an 'Oops?'" Are you kidding me?

Chapter 14 - Phoenix is Reborn

The Chapter opens with us at Central Broward Regional Park. Yep...we are still in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Smart move by Aslan to invite Jeff to a game in a sport he loves. Even buying VIP tickets. Before the games begin, we observe a very macho altercation between Jeff and Aslan. Ah...sweet revenge. We now understand that revenge is best served on a very cold plate. Tess and Jeff walk to the concession stand for drinks. They have a quiet talk. We watch Jeff fall against the wall in grief. What did she tell him?

Chapter 15 - Feelings

This chapter finds us 'on mission' in Saint Nazaire, France. Commander Tess and Commander Aslan took advantage of a few free days. We enjoyed the stop at the Angers Castle as Tess and Aslan were on their way to the International Paris Air show. A beautiful and exciting day at the air show. It seems that even rogue terrorist agents will stop and smell the roses. And they should. They never know how quickly it will end. You agree or disagreed? It is a long drive back. They are caught in a fierce summer storm. So, they pulled off in Le Mans and rented the only available room? What happened or what is happening between Aslan and Tess?

Chapter 16 - Manchurian Soldier

We open this Chapter in Fort Lauderdale as Jeff reluctantly prepares to leave for France. Jeff will assume the duties of the ship's Cruise Director with Tess as his second in command. Aslan will be the ship's Security Officer. I am very curious as to how this plays out. Do you think this trio Tess, Jeff, and Aslan will play well together? So, Colonel Werner (now Brigadier-General Werner) introduced Tommy and Jeff at a military installation ...what a web we weave. So how did Tommy end up as Staff Captain on a Genesis ship? Okay…who is the Manchurian Candidate…Jeff or Tommy?

Chapter 17 - Saint Nazaire Shipyard

This chapter opens with Jeff arriving at the Shipyard earlier than Tess and Aslan. Was this intentional. Do you think he left early to have breakfast with Captain Bashir? The first familiar face he runs into was Tommy. Imagine that? Siseneg Investment Management is mentioned more than once. Now spell Siseneg backward...what did you get? Tommy and Tess finally run into each other. Awkward...

Chapter 18 – Deck 13

The chapter opens with Staff Captain Tommy busy in his office with blueprints that detailed the massive modifications on Deck 13 of the Provenance. He and Commander Quasar had released the regular shipbuilders. The shipbuilders loyal to Genesis had completed the modifications. They were reviewing the completed work the welders and electricians did on the landing and departure platforms. Genesis High Council had approved Provenance’s special decks and equipment. I never knew you could have a problem on Interstate 95 on a cruise ship at sea…it seems you can. The real surprise was Deck 13. No… I will not even give a hint of a spoiler. You must experience the adventure for yourself.

Chapter 19 – Greenlit

The chapter finds us with Field Marshall Mustafa who was having a closed meeting with the High Council. He then walked over to the touchscreen. He pressed the ‘Live World News.’ icon. “This is Emilía Maugnusdottir reporting the evening news for the Iceland Monitor. You are aware that Iceland has no Air Force or armies of its own. We have a Coast Guard of about 250 members. Iceland is defended by the armies of NATO members such as Canada and the United States. I mentioned that because it was an interesting night for the city of Reykjavik and the Royal Canadian Air Force as they responded to hundreds of calls from tourists about weird lights and threatening-looking ‘Devil Rays… Why is Genesis Blackstars in Iceland.? Another salient question that is emerging on the Provenance. Who can we trust? Jeff? Tommy? Both…or neither.

Chapter 20 - Provenance Maiden Voyage

This chapter finds us on the day that has been prepared for several years. The day of the maiden voyage of 'The Provenance.' The boarding process has started. Captain Bashir is briefing the bridge staff. We listen in awe as the gigantic cruise horns of the Provenance signal her majestic departure. It is amazing to see the Supreme Commander in a role we are unaccustomed to. Dinner host for a very special dinner for the G20 Finance and Central Bankers? Are you not just a wee bit curious why? Stop the tape. Deck 22...The Kentucky Derby on the deep blue ocean with Egyptian Arabian horses. Now that is first-class entertainment. Wish I was there. The FBI has jurisdiction on the High seas. Did you know that?

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