Continental Drift-Quick Look-11-20

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 2

Part 2 takes a quick look at Chapters 11 thru 20

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 11 – The Secret of the Calderas

The chapter begins on the USS Cooper Barksdale with Lieutenant Commander Hunt radioing the Admiral. He is urgently needed in the Eagle Drone Center. It appears they have found that will lead them on of Genesis Hives or operations installations within a shield volcano. We witness the incredible beauty of Calderas through the high Definition lens of the Eagle Drones. Then it turns ugly. We are witness to an aerial gunfight that most warfighters would say could not happen until the 22nd Century. The Eagle Drones open fire on the drone pilots called oversized ‘Flying Devil Rays’. What they had encountered were Genesis Black stars.