Continental Drift-Quick Look-1-10

A Quick Look Inside Continental Drift -Part 1

Part 1 takes a quick look at Chapters 1 thru 10

Continental Drift: Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench

Chapter 1 - HIVE

Chapter 1 picks up from we end in the prequel 'The Sixth Extinction. We are at Genesis Hive in Cherrapunji. We are in a secured building 16 stories below the area's largest coal mine. The Supreme Commander of the dreaded Genesis organization is having a very peaceful breakfast while the world governments execute a global dragnet for her and her leadership team. After all, they were the architects of the nefarious plan to ignite nuclear Hellburners on the southeast coast of the United States. If you read the prequel, you are aware that the meticulously planned OP failed. We can see and feel the disappointment in her face when the evening news reported that their intended catastrophic event failed. We are also reminded of the intense grief she felt when she learned that Field Commander Jameela was among the tortured and dead. So now we are grace with the presence of Tess aka Hellgirl. Tess is back She is now a lead Field Commander. Remember her from the prequel. ' Sixth Extinction' Tess is the helicopter pilot who flew the assassination mission with Kyle and Jeff as they hunted down and killed the rogue Shepherd.

Chapter 2 - Revenge Is Like a Fine Wine

This chapter opens in the Supreme Commander's office. She is enjoying the great view of the Mawsmai Falls and their awesome display of colors and rainbows. The pleasantries end as the suspense builds as the chapter reveals unexpected and well-kept family secrets.

Chapter 3 - Strategic Operations Center

This chapter opens with a phone conversation between the Supreme Commander and the Field Marshall. This phone conversation…well it delivers another bombshell for us. We also travel abord the huge Genesis jetliner to the Hive at Hang Son Dong…the mother of all Hives to meet with High Council.

Chapter 4 - Three Traitors

We now find ourselves in the War Room with the Genesis High Council at the Hive at Hang Son Dong. Here…we gain painful insight on where or not the death of the Supreme Commander's daughter has weakened her resolve to lead. Early in the High Council meeting, we are privy to a discussion on recruits and converts. I thought it was sad commentary as to why recruit conversion was at an all-time high. The three figures with blackout head masks...who are they? And what is in Sector NGC-224?

Chapter 5 – Provenance

We open with the reconvened High Council discussing the release of the Traitors. Lead Commander Tess’ popularity just increased with the High Council and the Supreme Commander. Her idea now lives as the Provenance Strategy. Yet, we wonder…what is the end game?

Chapter 6 – America Radicalized Eddie Pearson

In this chapter, we find the High Council and the Field Marshall Mustafa contemplating on the choice of lead commanders for the ‘Provenance Maiden Voyage? The High Council decision does not sit well with the Supreme Commander. However, she is pleased with the choice to replace the Technology Officer who was killed in a home invasion while on holiday to visit his parents. No question in my mind that the guy who designed the perfect ‘Jackpotting’ algorithm that could jump different bank networks and get them to electronically route cash to a specific account or ATM should get the job. Did I mentioned he forced NASA to shut computer systems down for three weeks.?

Chapter 7 – Back to Pangaea

Everyone grabbed coffee, and they are back in their seats 19 minutes later as they all know Field Marshall Mustafa was a stickler for time. Once again there is a new face in the room. The Supreme Commander put her arms around the man in the distinct single breast white uniform. She gave him a big hug…this guy is really important. The Supreme Commander proudly introduces the brother of the legendary Captain Mark Bashir. The captain committed the ultimate sacrifice as he created the nuclear storm deep in the Atlantic Ocean. In the course of this...he took out two US Aircraft carriers. Super Continents, Pangaea, Deep Ocean Volcanism, and Plate Tectonics at the Puerto Rico Trench. As a result of Continental Drift…our Earth currently has seven 7 continents. 335 million years ago, Earth was a supercontinent called Pangaea surrounded by a single ocean called Panthalassa. Continental Drift has happened before. It will happen again. It is just a matter of time. Explained vividly and in simple terms. I could have used this info when I took my college geology classes? Yet the end game is scary. It could happen...

Chapter 8 – Amassing Wealth

Here we find ourselves on the Supreme Commander's VIP business jet. As we cruise at 569 mph at thirty-nine thousand feet, we find her enjoying breakfast and reading the digital morning news from a local paper. We are headed to Jekyll Island Georgia for the organization’s periodic financial report meeting. Hmmm...the Iranian Navy chasing a US Guided Missile Destroyer. Kind of like a dog chasing a car. What will he do when the car stops? Just a thought....just a thought. We are witness to what happens when someone or an organization breaches Genesis trust…Particularly when it comes to loyalty and money. The Supreme Commander once said, “When death is imminent, men look at their lives in reflection. They often seek redemption. If they have embezzled Genesis money…I offer none.” We now understand why the rogue High Commander Roble aka ‘Secretary Bird is an important part of financing Genesis defense and dark operations. We begin to gain insight into why financial storms are more effective than the inhumanity of nuclear storms. We listen in as Field Commander Aslan explains his plan to hide within plain sight and do recon at the very same military installation were Field Commander Jameela was tortured and killed by hostile interrogators. A brilliant plan by the way…

Chapter 9 – Black Onyx

This chapter finds us with Commander Tess and Commander Aslan in a rental car enroute to Savannah Georgia. We must ask if there is a special bond of friendship growing between them. The very dangerous type. In this chapter, we are introduced to Black Onyx…hmmm. Black Onyx has origins from ‘Black Stars’ which is straight from the primordial soup immediately after the Big Bang almost fourteen billion years ago. Dark Stars are children of dark matter. The dark matter fuel in a dark star is likely to power that star for millions or even billions of years How does all this tie into the advanced Gravito Magnetism propulsion system they were recently made aware of. We found out when we are introduced to the continent killer ‘Blackstars.’

Chapter 10 – Eagles

This chapter finds us in the city of Annapolis which lies within 30 miles of Washington DC and Baltimore. Home to the United States Naval Academy. Today is graduation day for the 40 Cyber Operations Midshipmen that will be assigned to the USS Cooper Barksdale to provide cyber support in the hunt for Genesis and its dreaded Hives. We experience Admiral Steve Anderson motivating and aspiring remarks a graduating class of Cyber Operations Midshipmen. The legend of Admiral Steve Anderson is quite impressive. If you started your journey with the prequel, "The Sixth Extinction…" you know exactly what we are talking about. Well now...the Americans have not been sitting on their thumbs. We have built the father of all Warships...the USS Cooper-Barksdale. A fierce hybrid ‘Carrier-Destroyer. We are not surprised that Captain Sara Parrish is now the Captain of the Flagship in the United States Naval Fleet. We are surprised that she left her high-profile position at Naval Intelligence. The biggest surprise was the introduction to the biggest Naval secret ever…The amphibious Eagle drones…only twelve have been built and we own them.

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