Camp Polaris

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Excerpt from ‘New Pangea’

The Accelerant Series

The weather is beautiful in the Arctic now...temps are averaging 70 degrees with almost 24 hours days. Evan Brodsky arrived in Fairbanks Alaska several days ago. He is in town on Genesis business. That happens on Monday. But today…this sunny day, he looked forward to the downtown Fairbanks Annual Arts festival.

He is also meeting his brother here this afternoon in Fairbanks and they are headed to the ‘Midnight Sun’ amateur baseball game at Growden Memorial Park. Game time is always at 10:30 pm.

“Why so late?” asked Evan when they talked earlier by phone.

Ethan…his bother laughed and replied, “Well, that is because it is summer solstice and the sun is shining almost 24 hours a day during the games.”

“The kids gotta love this.”

“Yeah, they do. Night creatures they are…”

Evan and Ethan burst out in laughter.

Evan reminded Ethan, “Remember we will have dinner first. I will be starving.”

“Brother, when are you not hungry.”

First, they will meet and have dinner at the Turtle Club on Old Steese Highway in Fairbanks.

Later that evening, Evan arrived at the restaurant, he thought…I am ready for the ‘Miners Cut’ of their delicious prime rib. My brother better get here…soon.

As he walked in, he was greeted by the dining room host.

“Good evening sir. Would you be dining alone?”

“Hi there…no actually, I am meeting my brother for dinner.”

“Well, let's get you seated and notify your server.”

The waiter entered the dining room from the kitchen and noticed the extremely handsome young man rather preoccupied with his smartphone.

“What may I bring you, young man?”

“Oh…I will have black coffee for now. My brother is due here any minute.”

“Yes, sir. I will get that coffee while you wait. By the way, I could not help noticing the accent, you are from the southern portion of Georgia?”

The young man laughed, “The uninitiated would reply, ‘But isn’t all of Georgia south?’”

The waiter smiled and nodded, “Perhaps the unschooled are familiar with the ‘Georgia’ located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia…like I am.”

The young man reached out and shook the waiter’s hand. “I am Evan.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Evan. I am Viktor…spelled with a k”

“Ah…Viktor not Victor”

“Well, I will be darn…you pronounced it right the first time.”

They both laughed.

“Actually sir, my family lives a little to the south. My parents insist that we are sovereign citizens of Georgia. Our home is in a breakaway region of South Ossetia that changed its name to the State of Alania as part of a plan to join the Russian Federation. My brother may not agree”

“Pleasure to meet you, …young man, I will be right back with that coffee.”

Moments later the waiter returned with a pot of aromatic piping heart coffee and it complements. He was somewhat startled to see Evan dressed in full the United States Captain’s Uniform…reading the menu.

“Sir, do you serve Pepsi here.”

“But of course, sir.”

“Well, you never know. Some Alaska restaurants do…some don’t”

“We do sir…but I am confused. You just ordered coffee and if you don’t mind me asking…how did you change clothes so fast…and where?”

“The young man laughing hard said. "Oh…I see my brother is already here.”

“They both heard a voice coming out of the men’s room. Ethan, good to see you, bro.”

Viktor almost dropped the tray, “I will be dammed. Identical Twins…even down to the voices.”

“It is good to meet you, sir. I am Ethan. I did not mean to startle you. Evan and I have that effect on people. Our mom often brags that we are the most handsome Russian boys she knew. But as we all know…mothers can be mothers.”

Viktor smiled, “I will get that Pepsi.”

Once seated, Evan asked, “How was the drive up from Eielson Air Force base.”

“Not bad bro…the 26 miles goes fast around here.”

“Hey, you guys have been in the news lately again. It seems environmental issues are coming back to haunt you.”

“Yeah, in the spring of 2015, a sampling of drinking water supply wells at Eielson Air Force Base revealed the presence of the chemical perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) at levels exceeding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Provisional Health Advisory (PHA) level.”

“Dude, they use that in fire-fighting foam.”

“Yeah, it was used in fire-fighting foam use at Eielson AFB for about thirty years. State and federal regulatory agencies are aware of this situation and working with the Air Force to ensure human health and environmental protection issues are addressed.”

“Alaska…sounds so pure and clean.”

“Don’t be naïve Evan, Alaska has several Superfund sites that require a long-term response to clean up hazardous material contaminants, Eielson Air Force Base has been a Superfund site since 1989.”

“Ethan, one day the Earth will fight back. Some expert says…that day is now.”

“Not to change the subject, but Dad and Mom are very happy with your career change. You are now a Cybersecurity Engineer for Nascence Technology?”

“Yes…and they pay well…much more than an Air Force pilot.”

“Evan let’s not bicker about career choices. I am smart…. but you were always smarter. You could have had a great career. The CIA recruited you. You declined a job at DARPA. Who does that?”

“I have my own ideas.”

“Whatever the hell that means. I love you brother.”

“I love you too Ethan.”

“Your Pepsi sir.”

“Thank you. Bring us two ‘Miners Cut.’”

“You boys better be hungry.”

“Evan laughed, “Yes…we are. More coffee please.”

“Sure…right away.”

“So, brother, tell me about Arizona. How was your also F-35 pilot training at Luke Air Force Base?”

“Awesome. I trained at the F-35 fighter pilot training headquarters. It was quite an experience as I met international partners and foreign military sales customers in a partner training setting. Pilots…who come from around the world can approach any other nation’s jet and fly it as their own. It was like a mini United Nations at Luke Air Force Base.”

“Were there Russian pilots there?”

“Evan…we are first-generation Americans. Let’s not have that debate tonight okay. Let’s enjoy dinner and the ballgame.”

It was quite a night at the ballpark…if you can call daylight at 2 am in the morning night. But what a great weekend it was with Ethan…the thought ran through Evans mind as he sat at the light on Airport Road in Fairbanks. It was Monday morning as Evan drove to the airport...

Evan thought, maybe I should go easy on my twin brother. We are identical twins, but boy do we have varied interests and outlook on life.

Evan had to fly to Nuuk Greenland. He had to meet his associates there to discuss the next strategic steps in their mission. He will take a privately chartered plane from Fairbanks Alaska that has filed a flight plan to frigid Greenland where temperatures hover in the 30s and low 40s Fahrenheit with severe snowstorms in summer.

Nascence…a Genesis corporation purchased an old abandon arctic research center from the United States Army. This is where the meeting is held and where they will lodge.

“There it is. There is the ‘Rental Car Return,’” said Evan out loud.

Once inside the airport terminal, he headed to the charted plane gate. On arrival at the gate, he was motioned by the ticket agent to hurry as the plane was preparing to leave.

“I thought I was early.”

The attractive tall woman dressed immaculately, in a very firm voice said, “You are… we just decided to leave early.”

“I guess you can do that,”

“Look out the gate window young man. See that Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We owned that…We can leave when we want to.”

They both burst out laughing as Evan heard a familiar voice behind him.

“Welcome Commander. It is good to see you again.”

It was Chief Geologist Navid.

“Chief, it has been far too long. Good to see you, sir.”

“Let’s get on board, Wheels are up in 15. I will grab a seat next to you if you don’t mind.”

“It is an honor, sir.”

As the headed to their seats, Evan noticed how empty the vast comfortable jetliner was as there were very few people on board.

“Mighty big jet for 20 people sir.”

The Chief winked, “Few headed in… Heavy when it returns. Arctic Commando training held last three weeks at Camp Polaris.”

“Understood sir.”

“By the way, for the first several days we will stay in Nuuk.”

“Nuuk, the capital of Greenland…about 2,379 miles from Fairbanks as the hawk flies.”

“I see you have done your homework son.”

“Where will we lodge sir.”

“Chief Navid winked, “Son…you don’t know where you are going?”

“Sir, I am a commander. I do as I am told. My orders were to report here. We are on a need to know orders.”

Chief Navid laughed, “That you are young man…that you are. We will lodge at Hotel Hans Egede.”

Evan looked around as if hesitant to ask the next question.

Chief Navid chuckled, “It is ok son, speak your mind. Everyone onboard is Genesis.”

“So Chief Navid. I felt honored to have been selected for this operation. Can you tell me a little about Camp Polaris?”

“Son, you will be briefed at the appropriate time but since I will be the High Commander leading this mission, I will dial you in on Camp Polaris.”

“Thank Chief. I will buy you a beer.”

Chief Navid’s eyebrows squished together in a frown.

Evan pressed the flight attendant call button. He winked at Chief Navid, “Ginger Beer sir.”

Chief Navid loudly laughed and slapped Evan’s knee, “Ginger Beer it is.”

Moments later, the flight attendant returned with two tall ice-cold glasses filled with foam about an inch thick.

Chief Navid took a sip, “Now this is true Ginger Beer.”

Evan took long swill from his glass, wiped his mouth, “Yes sir, it is.”

Moments later, they saw the attendant going down the aisle with 18 glasses of Ginger Beer.

Chief Navid laughed, “Look like you started something here Commander.”

The High Commander took another gulp and started his story, “So lets me give you a little history on Camp Century. Ironically, it was a nuclear-powered research center built by the US Army Corps of Engineers under the ice in the northwestern Greenland ice sheet. It was occupied from 1959 to 1966 under the auspices of the Army Polar Research and Development Center. This nuclear reactor powered base was a massive underground city that included living quarters for 200 people. It had all the things you would normally find in a city, including the scientific equipment needed to perform any and all research they desired.

Evan laughed, “Sound like a small quaint little village”

“If you can call a climatically hostile environment located a mere 800 miles from the North Pole quaint. At 6,180 feet above sea level, this ‘village’ has a mean temperature of minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, recorded temperatures of minus 70 degrees and winds exceeding 125 mph.”

Evan scratched his chin, “What was the end game for the Americans? Why Camp Century?”

“Now that is a question that needed to be asked. Camp Century was officially built to conduct scientific research, but the covert reason was to bury a network of about 600 mobile nuclear missile launch sites with medium-range missiles called ‘Iceworms,’

“Bury them…how?”

“How do 2,500 miles of tunnels sound?”

“Wow…for what purpose…to hit the Koreans?”

“No boy…at the time the target was the Soviet Union.

“My family’s motherland…”

“That is correct young warrior. That is correct.”

Evan raised his eyebrow, “The United States already have ballistic missiles sites, right?

“Yes but remember that Greenland is much closer to Russia than the ICBM missile fields located in the continental USA.”


Chief Navid with that peculiar twinkle in his brown eyes said, “The backstory is that it had to be kept secret from Denmark.”

Now, this piqued Evan’s interest, “Secret…why all the cloak and dagger?”

“Well…Greenland was an autonomous Danish dependent territory with limited self-government and its own parliament. You can’t go digging thousands of miles in the ice on another man’s land.”

Chief Navid continued as he sees that Commander Evan ‘gets it.’

“So, as a cover, the U.S. Army claimed to be building “Camp Century,” a “research facility” that was actually approved by Denmark. Built-in 1960 near Thule Air Base, its stated purpose was to study construction techniques and established scientific experiments under Arctic conditions.”

“Evan quickly added, “In actuality, it was all a cover; the underground research facility gave the U.S. an excuse to dig under the ground to plant the missiles.”

“Smart Lad….the other part of the backstory is that Project Iceworm planned to build an additional 52,000 square miles of tunnels…three times the size of Denmark with the possibility of extending it to 100,000 square miles. The Army planned to deploy 600 missiles, each four miles apart in trenches similar to those at Camp Century, and to build 60 Launch Control Centers (LCCs). Altogether, the project would have required 11,000 soldiers to live full time under the ice. The “Iceman” missile, a modified version of the Minuteman ICBM, was designed as a two-stage rocket with a range of 3,300 miles, giving it the capability to hit most targets in the Soviet Union.”

Evan was increasingly curious, “So did they succeed?”

“Well…sort of, you see the Greenland icecap was hard and immobile on the surface. Yet the snow and ice slowly deformed over time. The army discovered that icecap is in a constant slow movement, spreading outward from the center. This does not bode well for tunnels. The walls shrink and expand eventually leading to a collapse of the ceiling. The Army decided this was too dangerous for nuclear reactors so Camp Century was abandoned.”

“So how did we happen on Camp Century”, asked Evan.

“Here’s what we tell all incoming Commanders. Years ago, Genesis was looking for a new Hive location. This happens to coincide with the Belgium UFO wave. There were over 2,500 written reports submitted by witnesses in Belgian during the UFO Wave of 1989 thru 1990. The reports all consistently stated the same details. The UFO lights were fixed in a triangular formation and were changing a bluish black color at a rapid pace. During one F-18 jet pursuit, the pilots made brief radar contact on a number of occasions. The UFOs quickly darted out of range at high speeds and it appeared a cat-and-mouse game was going on.?

“How fast?” asked Evan.

“The object went from 7,000 feet to 10,000 feet to just 500 feet, and accelerated to Mach 2, more than the speed of sound. Remarkably, even though the aircraft broke the sound barrier, nobody on the ground heard the sonic boom. The well-documented cases of UFO activity caused Genesis scientist to do their own investigations.”

Evan grew impatient, “So what did they find?”

“Well…our scientists found that many of the UFOs fled north to the Arctic Circle as similar sightings were reported. Then they noticed fresh precise tubular tunnels under Camp Century. What was more amazing it appears that someone or something was mining what we now know as Black Oynx. The scientists realized that they might have accidentally found the source of the UFOs. They were United States Air Force experimental aircraft….possibly reverse engineering alien technology. More importantly, our scientist and geologist stumbled on a fueling solution for our Blackstar fighters.”

Evan eyes widen…

“The Blackstars…the famous Blackstars that fought the Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench. In the deep ocean at the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge. The one place that is feared by the world’s naval commanders, volcanologists, geologists, and oceanographers as a gravity anomaly exist there that would suck you into the center of the earth. “

“I see you have heard the stories”

Evan's eyes widen, “Chief Navid…what Commander hasn’t?

“The Chief got that twinkle in his eyes again.”

“But have you seen one…a Blackstar?"

Evan sadly nodded, “No sir…. only heard the stories, sir.”

Well, welcome to the movies son.

Everyone clapped as apparently the aisles were filled with commanders listening to the story.

As the lights dimmed, Chief Navid winked, “Like I said earlier son, “Everyone here is Genesis.”

Chief Navid pressed an icon on his phone and a layout plan of Camp Century appeared on the Cabin video conference screen.

Evan and the other commanders' eyes widened as the high definition images transmitted revealed what appeared to be a flying devil ray.

Evan was amazed. “It looks like a metallic flying devil ray. Look at its forward-facing fins. Kind of give it the appearance of having horns. It is awesome”

Suddenly, Even heard the most beautiful voice standing next to his seat in the spacious aisle next to him. Her features matched her voice. “Yes, look at that pulsating bluish black color. This is not of this earth.”

Evan thought, “She was not of this earth…quite beautiful.

Another commander yelled, “Look at that tail. Seems to have a weapon component.”

Chief Navid was delighted that his Field Commanders are now engaging and in awe at Genesis latest creation. He proudly announced, “Meet the Blackstar commanders.”

Suddenly the Blackstar seemed to be levitating as its colors changed to lighter pulsating tones.

Evan remarked, “There appears to be bluish purple energy at the base. There are no visible signs of propellant being emitted. There was no noise…only the whisper of air it hovers.”

Suddenly the Blackstar took off and jetted into the deep blue sky…but you could not hear it break through the sound barrier moving at Mach 10.

As the commanders returned to their seats, the female commander said, “Wow…now that is one hell of an exit,”

Evan was curious, “I did not get your name.”

She replied, “I don’t recall giving it to you.”

Chief Navid with a hearty laugh, “I think I need to answer nature call. You guys talk. I am headed to the men’s room.”

“I am Joelle Kalu. From this point, you will refer me only as Commander Joelle.”

“Evan Brodsky is my name. From this point forward, you will refer to me only as Commander Evan.”

They both smiled, shook hands…

Evan asked, “Zaire?”

Joelle nodded and answered as she walked back to her seat, “Yes…but the correct name for my home is the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Moments later, Chief Navid made his way back to his seat. Suddenly, the huge jet cabin lights dimmed and Field Marshal Mustafa appeared on the screens. He had a special message from Genesis headquarters.

“As-Salaam-Alaikum Chief Navid and Field Commanders. The Supreme Commander send her warmest regards and blessings. Let me join her in those greetings. As you are keenly aware, you have been selected for Phase three of our critical mission. You are to report to ‘Camp Polaris’…Genesis Super Camp for the mission briefing. As you are aware, we repositioned the camp from the Darfur region of Africa after the Battle at the Puerto Rico Trench. Also, Hyperion, the Genesis company that develops and provides renewable compounds for a variety of “green” markets have a presence here as well as Nascence Technology, the Genesis company that develops and controls Genesis’ artificial intelligence is located here. Chief Navid is the commanding officer here. He has the Supreme Commander and my highest confidence, Wa-Alaikum-Salaam.”

“All of you know me. stand on ceremony…I am Chief Navid. Welcome…you are about as close to the real north pole as you are going to get. We are landing in Greenland, the world's largest island and an independent country within the Kingdom of Denmark. It is close to the real north pole…the northernmost point on Earth. It is the precise point of the intersection of the Earth's axis and the Earth's surface.”

One of the commanders jeered, “I thought the North Pole was owned by the Americans in Alaska.”

“Chief Navid laughed. “Remind me to sign you up for a remedial class in World Geography…no more missions in America for you.”

Everyone is having a great laugh including the aircrew that is listening over the jet’s communication system.

“Attention, please. This is the captain. In preparation for landing, you will spend the next 20 minutes completing the ‘Extreme Cold Weather’ media presentation. It should have appeared on your Genesis tablets. This is not a request. It is an order commanders. After that…prepare for landing. You know the drill. Thanks.”

Thirty minutes later, Evan gets a spectacular view as the jetliner descended into Nuuk, Greenland's capital city.

“Chief, this is an awesome view. Look how the stark white daylight is turning into warm looking hues”

“Careful soldier…you are sounding like a designer?”

“No Chief…just an appreciation of earth natural resources and beauty.”

“I know son. I love these moments also. We must fix the Earth so we don’t lose all of this.”

"Attention commanders, this is the Captain again. On orders, you are to report to Hotel Hans Egede in Nuuk. From there you will be notified when we are ready to head to Camp Polaris. We will travel about 150 miles into the across the ice so make sure you check your gear. You surviving an emergency in this extremely frigid climate may depend on it…so run thru your winter training checklist. On behalf of Chief Navid and the Supreme Command…welcome."

After a great night sleep, across the ice, they went. In six artic armored Swedish Army Hagglunds BV206s. Powered by compact diesel engines with LED lighting and state of the art satellite communications. Evan and Joelle rode in the second vehicle with two other commanders.

Evan, patted the driver on the shoulder, “Hey, how fast does this thing go.”

The driver responded, “On steel tracks…55 miles an hour.” Also, it floats, just in case.”

“Joelle added, “We will not worry our heads about water safety with negative twenty-five degrees below zero out there.”

Evan nodded, “You got that right Commander.”

The Driver looked backed and smiled, “Won’t be long. Two hours…hard drive.”

Evan looked out the window, “This huge artic expanse reminds me of the Bonneville Salt Flats in the American state of Utah.”

“You are about right. This huge one lane highway is about 50 miles long…about 30,000 acres," said the driver.

Evan made a important point, “This difference is this is deadly ice not salt.”

After approximately 1 hour traveling across the ice, Evan asked a question, “Look out the window guys…what are those massive mountains called.”

The driver spoke up, “Not mountains sir…glaciers. You are looking toward the majestic icebergs in the North Star Bay, the massive polar ice cap and Wolstenholme Fjord--the only place on earth where three active glaciers join together.”

Joelle replied, “This is amazing. I was always in awe of the Blue Mountains but this is astonishing. There has to be a god. No man could create this.”

Evan asked, “Blue Mountains?”

“Joelle smiled, Aren’t you the world traveler.

Joelle explained, “The Blue Mountains is a mountain range located in the northeastern Ituri Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The majestic western slopes of the Blue Mountains give rise to the Ituri River, a tributary of the Congo River. They reach heights of up to 2,000 meters.”

Evan winked, “Maybe one day you will take me three.”

Joelle laughed, “We all need something to look forward to.”

The other Commanders chuckled.

One of the other commanders asked an interesting question. “Why do they call this frigid hell zone Greenland?”

The driver responded, “Well, it seems a story is in order.”

The commander nodded and smiled, “Go ahead, we got all the time in the world.”

The Driver answered sharply, “Actually, …you don’t. You got about forty minutes…but it’s a short lesson in Nordic history lads.”

Evan piped up, Hurry man…we are breathless with anticipation.”

Laughing, the driver began, “It started with Erik the Red. He is memorialized in medieval and Icelandic sagas as having founded the first continuous settlement in Greenland.”

Actually, …you don’t. You got about forty minutes…but it’s a short lesson in Nordic history lads.

“It started with Erik the Red. He is memorialized in medieval and Icelandic sagas as having founded the first continuous settlement in Greenland.”

At that point, all commanders leaned forward with open ears.

“Erik Thorvaldsson, or Erik the Red was born in 950 A.D in Rogaland…a county in Western Norway, bordering Hordaland…southwestern tip of Norway. At age 10, Erik’s father, Thorvald Asvaldsson who was not known for his conflict resolution skills was exiled for manslaughter. Thorvald made the best out of a precarious situation and settled the family in northwestern Iceland, in the Hornstrandir region. To his father credit and fancy, Erik grew up brazen and volatile, which, when coupled with his flowing red hair and beard, earned him the nickname “Erik the Red.” Sometime after his father died, Erik married Thjodhild Jörundsdóttir and moved from northern Iceland and settled in Haukadale, which he called Eriksstead. Life was good for the Erik the Red until about 980 A.D when several of Erik’s servants accidentally triggered a landslide that crushed his neighbor Valthjof’s house. A kinsman of Valthjof, Eyiolf the Foul, killed Erik’s servants."

One of the commanders yelled, "Oh hell…wars have been started for less aggression."

The driver nodded in approval, “Indeed.”

Joelle impatiently replied, “Will you shut up. Let him tell the story.”

Laughter roared throughout the vehicle.

“In retaliation, Erik killed Eydjiolf and Holmgang-Hrafn, an “enforcer” for the Valthjof clan.

Eyiolf’s kinsmen then demanded Erik be banished from Haukadale. Erik the Red set up a new farm safely out of reach of Eyjolf's kinsmen. He moved his family north to the island of Oxney, in the Breioafjord of Iceland."

Evan, wanting to hurry this story along asked, “So where is Greenland in all of this? All I am hearing is Iceland.”

“Be quiet boy…so around 982 A.D, Erik the Red entrusted his setstokkr to Thorgest, a fellow settler. Later, when he went to reclaim the beams, Thorgest refused to relinquish them.”

Joelle asked, Excuse me…not to interrupt but what is a setstokkr?”

Evan piped up, “I was afraid to ask…being that we are in mixed company.”

The driver apologized, "Sorry… setstokkr are inherited ornamented beams of significant mystical value in Nordic pagan religion. Usually handed down from generation to generation.”

“Thanks, don’t pay Evan any mind.”

“Hey, you don’t know me that well.”

“Aren’t you happy I do not?”

“So where did I stop? Oh…when Erik the Red had finished his new house, he went back to get the setstokkr but Thorgest refused to return his possessions and Erik the Red killed Thorgest. Fearing retaliation, Erik set up an ambush for Thorgest and his clan. A massive brawl erupted, and two of Thorgest’s sons were killed. The village court met, and once again Erik was banished for manslaughter, this time for three years.”

“Hey, that is a pretty light sentence for murder,”

Evan nodded, “Joelle, you are right.”

The driver shook his head, “Erik the Red did not think so. Having had enough, Erik the Red decided to leave Iceland altogether. He had heard of a large landmass due west of Iceland, discovered nearly 100 years earlier by Norwegian sailor Gunnbjörn Ulfsson. The journey covered approximately 900 nautical miles of open ocean, but the danger was mitigated by the Viking ships’ advanced design and Erik’s superior navigation skills. Between 982 and 983 A.D, Erik the Red rounded the southernmost tip of the large landmass, finally arriving at a fjord now known as Tunulliarfik. From this base, Erik spent the next two years exploring west and north, assigning names to places he visited with derivatives of his name. He believed the land he explored was suitable for raising livestock and named it Greenland, hoping it would sound more enticing to would-be settlers.

“There’s that name you were looking for Evan…Greenland”

"There’ more…In 985, Erik the Red’s exile sentence had expired, and he returned to Iceland. By the next year, he had convinced several hundred people that Greenland held great promise. In 985, he set out with 25 ships and more than 400 people. Several ships had to turn back or were lost, but 14 arrived, and soon the pilgrims established two colonies, the Eastern Settlement (or Eystribyggð) and the Western Settlement (or Vestribyggð)."

Evan smiled, “So now we know…That Erik was one badass.”

Joelle sneered, “Someone has found a new hero.”

Suddenly, the Driver made an announcement, "Ready your outer gear commanders. We have arrived.”

Then they heard Chief Navid over the vehicle wireless networked intercom.

“Commanders, welcome to Camp Polaris. Ready your outer gear. If there is any advice I can give you that will save your life…it is this. Respect the cold. It will kill you. Here you will experience some of the harshest conditions imaginable. Annual snowfall taller than a six-story building. Temperatures as low as seventy degrees Fahrenheit below zero. Winds as high as one hundred and thirty miles an hour. Again…respect the cold. Ready to disembark. Now Commanders.”

As they readied their gear, they could feel the vehicle come to a slow halt.

Evan made a stark observation, “Where is Camp Polaris. All I see is a flat sheet of ice and snow for miles. The ‘white’ is almost blinding.”

Suddenly as if perfect timing, the commanders heard Chief Navid commanding voice again, “Put your Snow Glasses on. Snow reflects up to 80 percent of the UV rays that hit the ground, so your eyes get almost a double dose of sunlight. You are in danger of Photokeratitis which is essentially getting a sunburn on the surface of your eye. Snow Glasses…now commanders.”

The armored Swedish Army Hagglunds BV206s are lined up in a U shape as if it is a breaker from the high winds. The Commanders disembarked toward the center of the U shape…the snow ahead of them breaks and reveal two doors. As they enter the doors, they enter a room about the size of an efficiency apartment.

“We are moving. We are on a lift’ yelled Evan.

The driver who disembarked with them yelled, “Hold on to your headgear.”

Joelle yelled, “How fast are we falling.”

The lift slowed and came to a stop. The doors opened automatically. An automatic voice said, “Welcome to the 40th floor. You are deep underground. Don’t be alarmed. Your body will adjust to the temperatures’ in a moment”

Evan replied loudly, This tunnel has to be three football fields ahead. Suddenly, they feel their feet move.

Joelle remarks, “We are on an escalator…an ice escalator. Kind of like an airport escalator you get on as you try to get to the next terminal.

Another commander yelled, Look…they must be over twenty tunnels here.

As the escalators carried them toward their destination, Joelle pointed out, Look over there behind the huge glass windows. There a kitchen and cafeteria.

Evan, pointed up, “Look up there ….a hospital, a laundry, a communications center. Looks like we are in a Town Center Mall. Over there…a recreation hall, a chapel, and even a barbershop.

Minutes later, Joelle pointed out, “On the left…up ahead. Dormitories. That is our stop.”

Evan thought…and not a moment too soon. I need a shower and lots of sleep.

Evan did sleep and woke to the morning call.

“Attention Commanders. Report to duty station at seven hundred. Breakfast starts in the main café in ten minutes. The time is 5:45am. Chief Navid’s group will report to the Zurvan Theater on the seventeenth floor"

Evan yawned, “That would be us. I better get going.”

An hour later, Evan arrived at the Zurvan Theater. As he entered the room, he heard a familiar voice coming from the coffee station.

“I would say good morning…but the sun never went down.”

“Joelle, good morning. I looked for you at breakfast.”

“Not much of a breakfast person, This hot coffee and peach muffin will be fine,”

In walked Chief Navid, “ Everyone, please take your seats. It’s a full day and we have mission orders to discuss…”

We hope you have enjoyed this excerpt from the third book in the Accelerant Series. ‘New Pangaea’

This new novel is expected in bookstores in mid 2021. Until then, get caught up:

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