Before Black Onyx

Shamus appeared occupied with his Genesis Smart Tablet. The GST looks like any new Smart Tablet, but a closer look will reveal it is much more. It has proprietary technology nicknamed Apophis after the ancient Egyptian God that was all powerful and all evil. The GST is at least four generations ahead of the current smart tablet technology. Apophis enabled the GST with an Intrusion Detection System that deploys countermeasures that will deflect any privacy attacks by governments or their agencies.

“Eat your breakfast son, you have a rough day ahead at the trials,” said his uncle peering across the breakfast table.

“Shamus put that tablet down before I take it away from you,’ warned his aunt.

“Aunt Tess, I am 22 years old and both of you still treat me like I am twelve.”

His uncle laughed, “Yes…wait till your grandmother joins us for breakfast. You think we are tough.”

Shamus grins, “Where is grandmother this morning?”

As Aunt Tess poured Shamus juice, she answered, “The Supreme Commander is in High Council this morning. Early start for her with the Council.”

As Shamus bit into his carrot jam filled Nan bread, Aunt Tess asked, “Shamus, the cook slaved over the stove this morning preparing your favorite …Kale Pache.”

With a mouth full, Shamus answered, “This will do.”

Uncle Aslan laughed, “Leave the boy alone. Tess, you have forgotten, we used to do the same when we prepared for battle trials.”

Aunt Tess reached over and pinched Shamus stuffed cheek and smiled, “yes…our Burijas is all grown up.” Shamus’ Persian name is “Burijas.

Aslan reached over and picked up Shamus tablet, “UFOs interest you?”

“Uncle Aslan, I am a pilot in Genesis Armed Forces.”

“But why does news on the US Department of Defense officially release of two videos depicting encounters between Navy pilots and unidentified aerial phenomena interest you.”

“I have heard the legendary stories.”

“Aunt Tess with a frown on her face asked, Legendary stories…about what?”

“The Genesis Blackstars of course”

Aslan and Tess looked at each other and smiled nervously.

Carefully, Aslan asked, “Again, why does this story interest you?”

"Uncle, there are two videos here that contains footage captured by Navy pilots that show a strange-looking oval zipping through the air and over the ocean. The first was a video called ‘Gimbal’ a flying object shaped like a Tic Tac whips through the clouds before it slows and begins to rotate. The US Defense department has a voice recording of the pilot filming the encounter yelling, “a fucking drone, bro.” Was that a Blackstar?"

Tess motioned for the servant standing in their breakfast to leave and asked him to close the door behind him. He did. Aslan got up and walked to the wall and pressed a button that sealed the room. When the classified sign illuminated, it indicated that no sound in…no sound out.

Aslan, spoke not as Uncle Aslan but now as High Commander Aslan, “So now we must talk, both your aunt and I was field commanders then and yes and no.”

Shamus is puzzled, “What do you mean…yes and no."

High Commander Tess pointed out, “This video is a prototype…an early model.”

Well, what about this video called ‘Go Fast,’ a small white speck is tracked by a jet’s infrared system as it flies low over the ocean and dives toward the deep ocean.”

High Commander Aslan laughed, “Yep, that is Genesis, but a different prototype for a different program called the SeaHive Project.”

High Commander Tess added, yes, we vastly improved both programs with the discovery of Black Onyx. Both videos are before Black Onyx.

“So, when I am going to know more about Black Onyx, Blackstars and SeaHive?”

High Commander Aslan nodded his head approvingly and said, “Be patience young warrior. Answers will come.”

High Commander Tess warned, “You are not to mention let along discuss any of this with anyone. Do you understand.”

“Yes, High Commander”

“Aunt Tess then smiled and patted him on his hand, “Good, now finish whatever breakfast that is you are eating. You leave at zero eight hundred.”

Are you curious about Black Onyx, Blackstars and Seahive? Read Continental Drift

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