Barijas the Warrior...Shamus the Businessman

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Today is a glorious and ceremonious day. The Iranian Major General joined the Supreme Commander, Field Marshall and High Commanders in the decorated parade stand during the graduation ceremony at the Armed Forces Institute.

The Iranian Major General smiled and saluted the graduates and officers as they paraded past him and the other dignitaries during the graduation ceremony at the Armed Forces Institute.

The first group to advance to the parade stand was the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The IRGC is Iran's elite military force responsible for protecting the Islamic regime from internal and external threats. Today, they are here for the ceremonies…in Iranian Desert Camouflage Pattern.

The parade commander is clearly in command. As the parade past the dignitaries, the warriors turned their heads to the right as the Parade Field Commander saluted.

The next warriors to advance to the ceremoniously decorated parade stand were dressed in arctic blue camos’…these are the Iranian Air Force pilots. They were followed by airmen dressed in green and brown forest camos' with splotches of electric blue. These warriors were the Air Defense Force anti-aircraft guns units.

The Iranian Navy paraded next…in pixelated grey green camos with red anchors. They march proudly as the Iranian Navy recently launched domestically made destroyers which are the envy of the world’s navies. The crowds cheered madly in gratitude for their mighty feared navy.

The last group to advance were the regular army in solid olive-green uniforms.

The pants were tightly tapered, with grey stripes down the sides and cinched at the calves where they were tucked into black high-top leather boots. Their shirts were tucked neatly into waistbands with bright yellow epaulets on the shoulders and caps dipped low over their faces. As the parade past the dignitaries, the warriors turn their heads to the right as the parade commander salutes.

The Supreme Commander’s Imperial Guard is missing. Rightly so. They are covert and clandestine…by design.

Nevertheless, it is a glorious moment for the military as the crowds are emitting thunderous roars that can be heard for several city blocks.

The Field Marshal saw the gleam in the Supreme Commander eyes. She is pleased.

The Field Marshal smiled and nodded to the Major General, “Today is a very good day.”

The Major General acknowledged, “Indeed sir. Praises are to Allah.”

The Field Marshal looked at the Supreme Commander again and her beautiful face was lit with happiness as the elite Genesis Royal Guard paraded past meticulously dressed in charcoal gray executive business suits. There are the connective tissue of Genesis’ vast land holdings and finance. Also warriors in their own right. The Field Marshal thought, there he is. There is our Burijas. Our grandson. Today he makes me very proud. Today he makes his grandmother's face light up with happiness.

Barijas was born in America. Charleston South Carolina. The Supreme Commander proudly calls Shamus by his Persian name ‘Burijas.’ He was named after the war god of the Iranian Kassites. The Kassites were an ancient people known primarily for establishing the second, or middle, Babylonian dynasty. The Supreme Commander often told the story of the Kassite kings that ruled Babylonia for more than 550 years.

“The Kassite kings were keen military leaders who were blessed with successful war strategies from Burijas; the God of War. Our bloodline is traced back to one of these great kings. My grandson will fulfill his destiny as a war god as he grows up and serves Genesis. You see…revenge is like a fine wine…proper execution takes time.”

Shamus mother, Jameela was a High Commander within Genesis. She was also the only daughter of the Supreme Commander and the Field Marshal. Shamus father, a United States citizen has no idea that Jameela gave birth to a baby boy. Shamus’ father Jeff was also a key field Genesis commander.

While on a mission, Shamus’ mother, his father, and his father’s best friend were captured and tortured by the intelligence community in the United States. Her father’s friend Kyle, also a lead commander was executed with one shot to the head while under interrogation by John Russell, a United States Marine captain. Shamus’ mother also was a victim of interrogation. Jameela was the first to be captured and had been under interrogation a lot longer than Kyle or Jeff. She died in her cell from a self-imposed overdose of a very effective but lethal bronchitis medication.

The Field Marshal had consistently deployed skills and the resources of the Genesis Royal Guard and the Intelligence and Security community to ensure Burijas safety.

Barijas attended college at the University of Chicago School of Business in Chicago, Illinois where he earned an MBA. He was known by his classmates as Shamus…the topic expert in private-equity and venture-capital companies. Finished top of the class and received several lucrative offers from blue chip and technology companies. To everyone disappointment except his parents. He turned them down.

At his mother’s request, he attended the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Management. Genesis has multiple corporations with vast land holdings. It just made strategic sense that a future Genesis leader would have strong skillsets in entrepreneurship, finance, global supply chain, marketing, and organizational behavior. Shamus earned his MBA here with high honors.

Shamus would return home at planned intervals to complete his military training.

The Field Marshal orders to training commanders were, “Treat him like your worst recruit. If I find you did otherwise…you will incur my wrath.”

Shamus did quite well despite the abuse. So, well, he was recruited to the elite Genesis Royal Guard at an early age. He earned the respect of High Commander Aslan, his uncle as a skilled warrior and as a businessman.

The Field Marshal’s reflection was broken when he heard the Major General commanding voice, Welcome and thank you for joining us in our celebration for the graduation ceremony for the Armed Forces Institute class…

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