6th Extinction-Quick Look-21-30

Updated: Jul 7

Part 4 takes a quick look at Chapters 21 - 30

Sixth Extinction: The Reset Button - Back to Pangaea

Chapter 21- Redemption

So...the plot thickens. What in the hell Genesis up to? The idea of a rogue organization deploying 'Digital Mules' is downright scary…

Chapter 22 - Continental Killer

This chapter finds us on a warm June morning as Captain Sara Parrish makes her way to the escort vehicle. After a restless night, she is on her way to join Colonel Werner, Daniel, and the captured Genesis Commander in the interrogation facilities. Doing the intelligence briefing Sara notices the same titanium-cased beach ball structures on top of the building. Is this somehow related to structures Admiral Cooper observed on the vessel in the deep ocean?

Chapter 23 - Countermeasures

The story of the Leatherbacks. WOW! Have you heard this story before? Also in this chapter, Intelligence Analyst Shelby's explanation of 'The Sixth Extinction' was downright distressing and disturbing for me. You may find it troubling as well.

Chapter 24 - Release the Hounds

This Chapter finds us coming to terms with the fact that we are at war with an unseen enemy that is capable of triggering an extinction-level event. We heard war cries before. Many have been cliched by movies. But when Captain Anderson cleared his throat and bellowed, "For America's sake, for Savannah's sake, and Charleston's sake...WAR!"...I felt such a patriotic spirit overcome me!

Chapter 25 - The Many...The Few

The Chapter finds us on Knighthawk 12 enroute from the USS William Clinton strike group to the USS George W. Bush strike group. Admiral Barksdale is aboard, and he gets a great ariel view of his battle strike group catching up with Admiral Cooper's warships. Once onboard the USS George W. Bush, the Admiral heads to the flag bridge to join Admiral Copper for a closed-door meeting with the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operation. During this meeting, the Puerto Rico Trench has bubbled up in conversation. The Puerto Rico Trench is 497 miles long and has a maximum depth of 5.373 miles at Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean. Why does the idea of a nuclear detonation here strike fear in most scientists, geologists, and vulcanologists' hearts?

Chapter 26 - The Mission...Puerto Rico Trench

This Chapter finds us feeling the continuous thunder on the flight decks of the USS George W. Bush as aircraft left for the Forward Operating Bases. Captain Russell now commands two counter-terrorism teams. SEAL team Savannah and SEAL team Charleston. Quick brief and prep... they are now on mission. They are headed to the Fireship Savannah that is streaming North in the deep Atlantic Ocean.

Chapter 27 - Quarantine

The US Navy deployed a brilliant strategy that entices the hostile Genesis Captain Bashir to invite them onboard the massive futuristic container ship…the GWO Savannah. The crew has no idea that this is a prelude to an invasion.

Chapter 28 - 7:04 a.m.

At precisely 0704 hours or 7.04 am, we witness the event...the unimaginable. I am afraid…this is closer to the truth than fiction. The horror depicted in this chapter…is not for the faint-hearted.

Chapter 29 - First Watch

Well...we have come full circle. This chapter finds us back at Fort Stewart with Colonel Werner's s group. We find Daniel i.e., Captain Russell’s best friend bent over in agonizing grief. Colonel Werner grabbed Daniel by the arm and as they walked...he told Daniel the Nordic tale of the Valkyries. Several months later we find ourselves at Berth 9 at Georgia Ports. Daniel is about to experience an unexpected heartwarming surprise.

Chapter 30 - Hive

This chapter finds us at the Genesis Hive in Cherrapunji. The Supreme Commander saw bodies...lots of burnt bodies as she entered the 'Ghusl' sector. Once told that the enemy did the unimaginable to some of the bodies...she cried out, "Do these men have honor?"

Refocusing with nerves of steel, the Supreme Commander asked, "Are we to assume that the Americans and their allies have discovered our real initiative?

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