6th Extinction-Quick Look-4-9

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Part 2 takes a quick look at Chapters 4 - 9

Sixth Extinction: The Reset Button - Back to Pangaea

Chapter 4 - THE PATRIOT

Here comes Captain John Russell, United States Marine Corp. He is best pals with Jeff's brother Daniel. JR and Daniel believe that the American way of life is worth fighting for. In spite, of her inequalities, …they believe they must help America get better for everyone. Defending her and her citizens is an honor and an obligation. JR is wealthy. Daniel is from a working-class family, yet they share the same kindred spirit…through college together as well as adults. Here we get a real feel that when it comes to loyalty. JR. and Daniel have an intense loyalty to the American way of life…patriots. Here we are in for a real treat…a celebration aboard the USS Gerald Ford, one of three of the futuristic ships the Navy has put into service.

Chapter 5 - Bumblehive

We are treated to a bit of history about the Portsmouth Naval Prison (For the benefit of the uninitiated it is pronounced Portsmith) It is not a surprise that this is the home of USCYBERCOM but what lies underneath this secured government installation. After arriving at this vast communication and command center, JR. asked himself one question: Why am I here? This chapter also reveals some rather scary secrets about ‘Bumblehive.’

Chapter 6 – Family

This chapter is titled ‘Family’ but it could have easily been titled ‘Daniel’ as it really is about him. It is also as much about his deep desire to protect his family from any type of hardships. Be it mental, physical, or financial. After the death of his father at a young age he had to become the ‘Man.’ Jeff is very close to Kyle. Daniel, however, is his big brother who he truly admires and looks up to…always has. We become aware of how important family is as we watch Jeff spend time with Daniel, Marcia, his niece, and nephew. We sense there is growing concern about Long Term Care costs for their aging mother. When Jeff mentioned he has a plan to solve his mother financial woes…Daniel became upset.

Chapter 7 – Aggressive Persuasion

Chapter 7 finds Kyle and Jeff executing Operations GenFeed in the skies of Ethiopia. From there the mission took them to a trading camp in or near Djibouti. We look on as the Commanders are given a working knowledge of Hawala...and how this brilliant money distribution system enhances Genesis' capacity to finance its operations. We get a real treat as we a historical view of this effective money transfer system. However, it gets insanely scary as the ‘Aggressive Persuasion’ session began.

Chapter 8 – The Mission Revealed

Jeff and Kyle headed to Shanghai per orders received on the last day of camp. Here we find them entering new roles as laborers at one of the Genesis-controlled shipyards. We began to see the High Command focus on them. This is apparent as their first meeting is with High Commander Mustafa. This is in fact a rare event and considered most honorable. So...it seems that as they get closer and closer to the mission Jeff seems to lose his courage and sense of purpose. Kyle smells his fear as a wolf can on its prey. Now enters Jameela... operational commander. As intelligent as she is beautiful.

Chapter 9 – Tunnels and Satellites

Kyle and Jeff are settling into their new shipyard jobs in China. We see their 'commando' training has intensified. We become keenly aware of how the North Vietnamese deployed Sun Tzu's strategies with great efficiency against the United States. We are awed by the power of Genesis’ Apophis Tablets.

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