6th Extinction-Quick Look-10-20

Updated: Jul 7

Part 3 takes a quick look at Chapters 10 -20

Sixth Extinction: The Reset Button - Back to Pangaea

Chapter 10 – Perfect Storm

The chapter finds Jeff and Kyle en route from Savannah to Charleston in a rental car. They are getting ‘boy’ time in as they travel to get final orders for the mission ahead. On the way, they stop for gas and they encounter a horrific event that they correct just in time to save an innocent. We are also introduced to ‘Red Mercury’…is it real?

Chapter 11 - Bad Boys

Omaha Nebraska…middle America. Jeff’s brother Daniel and his wife are visiting JR and his wife. The ‘College World Series is in town and both couple kids are either participating in special baseball camps or just excited to be cheering their favorite teams on. Two families bonded by friendship and enjoying the stuff that America is made of. Ballgames and great steak restaurants. It was under the light of a full Nebraska moon in JR’s wife's garden and over a glass of Jack Daniels that JR shared a deep dark secret concerning Jeff and Kyle.

Now, Chapter 12 - The Widowmaker

So, the chapter finds us jumping continents…to Europe. Jeff was selected to rendezvous with ‘The Widowmaker’ in Bucharest, the capital and largest city of Romania. He was the most likely candidate for this mission as there was little risk of detection and since he oversaw security on his ship…no problems with securing a critical component of Genesis' mission.

Chapter 13 - Arrested as Terrorists

In this Chapter, we find Jeff back home in China. The morning after arriving, he must complete his mission essential task. Also as a bonus, ...we will find out if the Supreme Commander is Field Commander’s Jameela's mother. Suddenly ‘Knock’ ‘Knock.’ Jeff's worst nightmare becomes reality.

Chapter 14 - Black Site

This chapter takes us to the ledge as we look over the cliff down into the unimaginable. The chapter begins with Captain John Russell stopping off in Savannah for the weekend. He is due at the Marine Corps Air Station in Beaufort on Monday. No sooner than he gets there...his cell phone rings...it is Colonel Werner. He has orders to return to base…immediately! This is not unusual to JR. What is unusual is that he finds himself under direct orders to bring Daniel with him.

After Chapter 15 - Inconvenient Interrogators

Daniel and JR are taken to a black site. Head masks were required which caused uneasiness in Daniel. The pace quickens with excitement and the real reality of how the US government deal with suspected spies and terrorists. It ain't pretty folks…

Chapter 16 - We All Bleed Red

Daniel and JR find themselves as Inconvenient Interrogators. Who are they interrogating? It is in this chapter that JR and Daniel’s friendship is severely tested…

Chapter 17 - Secretary Bird

‘The Event’ was revealed by Jeff. The plan was so horrific that the fiercest warrior in the room grew afraid. In Chapter 3, the African Burkina chief told Kyle and Jeff a story that ended in him giving the boys a bit of advice, He said "Be very afraid…sometimes the old ways will not give you up." In this Chapter…in the middle of the most horrific time in Jeff's life....he remembered the chieftain advice. Is it too late?

Chapter 18 - Operation Oglethorpe

Chapter 18 finds us at an Amy operational complex in a very high-tech conference room within NSA's spy network buildings located around the country. After the briefing, everyone realized that Genesis has raised one of the fiercest military forces on earth and they are about to 'Bring it.'

Chapter 19 - Hellburners

This chapter finds us still at the conference table at the NSA complex. This chapter seems to take a deep dive into the legacy of fireships. The name Fireship Savannah keeps bubbling up. What does this mean?

Chapter 20 - Get the Armada Out to Sea

In this chapter, we sense a flurry of activity centered around Carrier Strike Groups' readiness and deployment. I felt the excitement of being on the command flight deck. The sea breeze blowing as we look toward the sky for signs of the F18 squadrons. It appears that the greatest international sea hunt is about to get underway.

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