6th Extinction-Quick Look-1-3

Updated: Jul 7

Part 1 takes a quick look at Chapters 1 -3

Sixth Extinction: The Reset Button - Back to Pangaea

Chapter 1 - The Shepherds

Our story starts out with the introduction of the probably the most powerful woman on the planet. Just like the beautiful blue Malayan coral snake, her venomous bite is just as deadly. We find the Supreme Commander intensely involved in what amounts to a high-level national cabinet meeting at a secluded Hive location. This high-level meeting is dominated by ‘Alpha Males on a mission and they desperately need her help. The sum total of the rogue armies they control would allow them to kill the human population of an entire continent….with sufficient resources. Genesis vast resources of course. A critical part of this back story of this chapter is that it is Ramadan. So, it is a highly religious time, as well as a celebratory one. Known as the Shepherds, they highly respect the leadership of the Supreme Commander, a few fears her power as they are a tiny minority that has a healthy disrespect for her leadership. Yet…they all stand in awe of the Empire she rules.

Chapter 2 – Jeff and Kyle

Here we find Kyle and Jeff. Here we get a feel of East Coast versus West Coast culture, yet economic strata are similar. For all their differences they have become thick as thieves. It seemed as if their racial differences melt within the sphere of Islamic Radicalization. Perhaps….maybe, you be the judge. The fact is both have become skilled commanders within the Genesis organization. And their loyalty to each other grows equally fierce. We also come to know their playful side which by the way…can change very quickly. Commander Tess appears in this chapter…equally skilled. Code name ‘Hellgirl.’

Chapter 3 - Genesis New World Order We now find that several months have passed and the boys have returned to their sleeper cell. Kyle and Jeff have returned to their roles in the American civilian sector. Their regular jobs...so to speak. Both are skilled mariners in their own right. We find Jeff on the high seas as he works as a seamen and Kyle make a living as a port captain at Charleston Ports in Charleston South Carolina. Whenever Jeff's ship is in port, he stays at Kyle’s place. It was during this latest visit while dining out over a plate of shrimp and grits that Kyle informed Jeff of their new mission which requires travel across Africa to a remote location. But not before visiting the secretive Lobi people. Remarkably, it is something the Lobi Chief says that becomes a harbinger of crushing reality in later chapters.

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