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Continental Drift

IISBN-13: 9781537031682

5 stars! Review by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

Accelerant - Continental Drift by James Morris Robinson

A riveting novel featuring political intrigue, terrorism, and crime, a colossal tale that is as epic as it is engaging. The earth has been abused, polluted, and altered in very negative ways and the Genesis Organisation can’t stand aside and watch it die. Once defeated by the United States Military forces, this shadowy but powerful group retreated into hiding, but now they are returning; well-prepared, well-equipped, and with a force that no one can stop. They have chosen the most unlikely place to wage war against humankind — the Mid-Atlantic Oceanic Ridge.


Their mission: create a new earth under one government. Can anyone stop the highly skilled assassins or the battleships that are about to be unleashed on the world? Will this create the fix they have dreamed about or an apocalypse? 

James Morris Robinson’s work is highly imaginative, featuring a phenomenon that may be fictional but which powerfully reflects the current situation of the earth. The author masterfully integrates interesting themes into the story like climate change, human mindlessness about the health of the universe, political intrigue, and a lot more. The conflict is well-developed and the plot is built around the huge conflict. The plot moves very fast.


Accelerant: Continental Drift features intense action and great and compelling descriptions. Readers will enjoy the absorbing dialogues, well-crafted to read naturally. The dialogue helps in both plot and character development. As I read on, I couldn’t help but imagine how this story could play out on screen. It’s an entertaining read, but it is, above all, a powerful call to awareness.

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The Sixth Extinction

IISBN-13: 9781542809825

Accelerant Series: The Sixth Extinction
5 Star Book Review
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

What if there was a reset button that could set the entire universe back to the point of creation? What would life be like and what could most probably change? An organization called Genesis believes strongly that the world has been raped and awfully polluted to the brink of imminent extinction, and they must save it. They will do this in the most radical way: they will activate this button and set the world back to its primeval form. 

The Sixth Extinction by James Morris Robinson is a riveting story that powerfully depicts radicalism and folly at their peak. Readers are introduced to two radical and highly intelligent characters, Jeff and Kyle, who are determined to reset the world by deploying a nuclear heat powerful enough to destroy the entire world, causing the sixth extinction. Faced with the strength of the mobilized navy and other forces, will they succeed? 

Robinson’s book is an epic tale of folly and bravery, a tale packed with action. The characters are compelling enough to grab the interest of readers, and Jeff and Kyle form a pair readers will not forget for a long time after they have completed reading the book. The Sixth Extinction is gripping and engrossing, laced with vivid descriptions and interesting dialogues. It is entertaining to watch the “Shepherds,” a group composed of leaders of the world’s Islamic radical movements (Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Shabaab), as they gather together to deliberate on an important course of action to take about the imminent global crisis. Although this is a work of fiction, it reads so realistically because it draws from scientific facts that seem to be well researched and it centers on realities that affect humanity at this age.


Robinson knows how to call the attention of readers to crucial questions through his masterful storytelling. The plot is fast-paced, and the author has intelligently used humor and suspense to grab the attention of readers.

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